Smith Blog

Hello and welcome to the semi-historic, first-ever Smith Teamaker blog.

I’m sitting in the Teaworks at the moment, looking out at the Portland rain and sipping a hot cup of Brahmin’s Choice. It’s a blend of full-bodied Indian Assams, paired with succulent Ceylon Dimbulla, Ceylon Uva and a touch of smoky China Keemun from Anhui. (The batch number is 90101, the first batch we’ve produced, in case you want to look up more specifics.)

Seems like the perfect blend to get this blog up and running.

Since you’re here, you’ve already been introduced to Steven Smith Teamaker, a small batch, full leaf tea line that I just launched with some good friends from my original Tazo team. We’re small, so we can work with rare ingredients and share the stories behind each batch of tea with you.

Just wanted to introduce myself and say stay tuned for more.

Now, back to the blending room.


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