What I Crave: Steven Smith Teamaker

Smith Peppermint from What I Crave

Image courtesy of Eden Hensley Silverstein

Eden over at Recipes for the Good Life  talked about our tea in one of her “What I Crave” posts. She mentions that the No.45 Peppermint was a particular favorite while she was pregnant since it does not have any caffeine (which also makes it a great bedtime tea). Our tea originally came to her as a gift from local wedding jeweler Gem Kitty, who wrapped a pair of our tip-top boxes in a beautiful black ribbon. She now sends her sister-in-law down to the teashop to pick up more for her whenever she runs low, though she could always call us and have it shipped right to her door (though I suspect the sister-in-law comes in for a few boxes for herself as well).


  1. Arrs says:

    Hi! I’m the sister-in-law! :) I say hi when I’m in next week.