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Smith Teamaker is a wonderfully small teaworks located on a shady street in Portland, Oregon, where one may encounter the finest, freshest full leaf teas, tonics and elixirs being handcrafted in small batches by master Teamaker Steve Smith co-founder of Stash and founder of Tazo, and his talented, hand-picked team.

This is Steve: the tea guy, the energy and sage behind<br>the label; CEO and "chiefy", master of ceremony and<br>founder of Smith Teamaker. This is Kimberly: a.k.a. Mrs. Smith – neatnik, creative, and<br>lover of parties. The perfect green to Steve’s black, marketing<br>maven, company mom and co-founder of Smith Teamaker. This is Dave: all things mechanical, manufacturing and<br>operational. Mastermind of getting old things to work and<br>engineering new stuff – a philosophic problem-solver. Meet Amy: Connecter of all the dots, pillar of strength<br>and organization; Director of Sales and Customer Service,<br>frequent backpacker, volunteer and true heart of gold. Meet Tony: Taster, mixologist, Director of Operations, great<br>dad, master woodcrafter and teamaker extraordinaire.
Meet ML: Writer, cyclist, t-shirt model, world traveler<br>and Manager of Production and Packaging. Meet Claire: Calm, kind and easy to talk to, tasting<br>room goddess; renowned Darjeeling Creme Caramel<br>maker and trusted guide for gift-giving suggestions. Meet Nova: Fulfillment and Logistics mistress, infamous for<br>being the "hand" behind all the gift notes, drinks her<br>weight in Lord B. every morning, resident crafter and  biker chick. Meet Tiffany: Retail renegade, photographer,<br>and globetrotting Smith Tea evangelist. Meet Joe: Artist, biker, strong silent type, Manager of<br>Production Line, soon-to-be dad, and known for staying<br>cool under pressure.
Meet Alex: Our kindhearted, tech savvy, tea guru. Always<br>ready to tackle the next problem with a genuine smile and<br>can-do attitude, aficionado of all things Japanese. This is Jason: Head Blender and Captain of Production,<br>able to heft a 50 lb. bag of tea, build a pallet, and drive<br>a forklift like a Ferrari - a fierce bocce ball competitor. Meet Aaron:  Jazz enthusiast, wordsmith and maker of the best<br>Matcha Latte in town, an adept conversationalist on almost any<br>subject; holds court in the tasting room a couple of days a week. This is Tyson: Quiet and thoughtful, artist and manga fan,<br>Captain of Production, and presently the most buff teamaker. Introducing Ryan:  Managing Production with the grace of a<br>Southern gentleman, detail-oriented, dependable and whip<br>smart - has been known to spend his vacation tracking the<br>World Cup or backpacking in the woods.
Disguised as Claire Kent, Jayna is a wiz with spreadsheets,<br>columns and numbers; all a decoy to her superior skills with<br>pie crusts and baking utensils. It's suspected she keeps a<br>superhero cape in her desk. Michaela: The voice on the telephone, answers the<br>most challenging questions, directs phone traffic<br>enjoys getting out for special events; marketer, wedding<br>planner and Smith's own fashionista. Donovan: Boasts a swell collection of vintage sweaters and<br>is the only guy who wears a tie around here, warmhearted,<br>great smile, Customer Service and Tasting Room Pundit. The other Kim: Give her a call and find out how pleasant, how professional<br>and how much she enjoys helping you select your next favorite tea. <br> She may be sipping a freshly brewed cup of Lord Bergamot<br>with milk, but you’ll only hear her smile. Have what it takes to join the team?<br>Drop us a line, we are always in the market for talent.<br>people-resources@smithtea.com