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It’s no secret that the world’s best peppermint comes from the Pacific Northwest. Gently hand-screened for perfect leaf size, it infuses a full, creamy flavor with distinct chocolate notes and an intense finish. A great after dinner treat or midday breath freshener. Caffeine free.

Peppermint leaves from the Pacific Northwest.

For best flavor, bring freshly drawn filtered water to a boil. Steep five minutes. Determine when time is up by using your own biological clock.

Peppermint Leaves

Peppermint Leaves


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  1. I found love Review by vane

    I saw these in my hotel room last year and didn't care for them since I wasn't a tea lover and thought it was not going to taste pleasant. This year when I went back I just decided to try this flavor and oh my gosh! I fell in love! It smelled so rich and deep and tasted even better! My husband had made himself a coffee and was trying to steal my tea away! Now I want to try every flavor!

  2. Fantastic Flavor! Review by PDX_Designer

    Hands down one of the most refreshing Peppermint Teas I've ever experienced. Great for a morning "pick me up" or an after lunch palette cleanser.

  3. AMAZING!!! Review by Soj

    I recently had this tea at a cafe in San Francisco and since drinking it I refuse to drink any other tea but Steven Smiths Tea. A description just wont do it justice, you have to taste it to truly understand how awesome this is. My husband, who is a self proclaimed non-tea drinker, stole my mug and refused to give it back. I cant wait to receive my order. :-)

  4. ABSOLUTELY DEVINE!!! Review by BaylorbearMom

    Best tea I've ever had. Lovely taste with no bite at the end. Very soothing, the best!

  5. Hooked Review by Lady From Sussex

    I continue to be angry at Mr. Smith for offering highly addictive, decadent teas. At first sip, I really loved this tea. Then, like a fine wine it lingered with a wonderful finish. This is a whole different league in comparison to teas that sit on your supermarket shelf. There is an underlying earthiness and herbal note to the peppermint that got me hooked. Alas, it is worth the splurge.

  6. Tea Love Review by Jaz

    I've never been a regular tea drinker and really know nothing about teas but a friend offered a cup of Peppermint Leaves and it was love at first taste! Can't wait for my first order so I can enjoy another cup!

  7. The perfect peppermint tea Review by Jaz

    I just occasionally had tea before, than a friend offered a cup of Peppermint Leaves tea. Now I can't wait for my order to get here so I can enjoy another cup! I know very little about tea but absolutely loved this tea.

  8. Most Refreshing Review by MissPeach

    This is the most refreshing Peppermint Tea I've ever had! Love it. I enjoy a cup after dinner most nights. Thank you, Steven Smith!

  9. Tea Euphoria Review by Jenniferkg8

    The Peppermint Leaves Tea is the best tea I have ever tasted. So good in fact that I ordered 18+ boxes for Christmas gifts. Ever since I discovered it on a recent trip in October 2011 I've had a cup almost every day. It is so good it's almost indescribable. The aroma and flavor are so intense, yet so soothing. It is just plain wonderful! A real treat!

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