Bouquet is a limited edition tea, released each April since the tea was first formulated by Steve himself in 2014. Designed to welcome the warmer months, Bouquet is a caffeine free herbal infusion blended to enjoy on your own, or to be shared as a special Mother’s Day gift.

Cups of Bouquet Blend

It is fitting that Mother’s Day falls in the spring. Mother Nature is waking up from her long winter rest, buds are developing and new growth is welcomed by the longer days. Tender and lively, warm and soothing, the smell of spring is in the air and it is lovely.

The Inspiration

The Bouquet blend was first born when Steve set out to create a new tea that could coincide with Mother’s Day. Something that could celebrate the softness of the spring season while paying homage to the close relationship Steve had with his mother, who was fondly known as Babe.

When deciding which ingredients to incorporate into this blend, Steve was inspired by his early days working with herbs in one of Portland’s very first natural food stores, The Gates of Eden. Bouquet is a reminder of a child’s offering of a tiny handful of simple flowers to his mother – delivered with joy.

The Ingredients

Bouquet has elements that are very similar to European liqueurs, distilled from a gathering of herbs and flowers. Great tea starts with great ingredients, and Steve used his long-time knowledge of botanicals to create this unique mixture.

Bouquet Ingredients

Leaning on fragrant hyssop and European linden flowers for their bright and lively character, Steve next added some rooibos for body and center, and the petals of chamomile blossoms for a soft apple-like nose. It’s then finished with lemon myrtle and Pacific Northwest spearmint that add piercing and lively top notes that linger even after your last sip of Bouquet.

Every year since the original formulation, we have carefully selected lots of each ingredient, blended them together in tiny batches to preserve their delicate nature, and packaged the blend to celebrate this wonderful time of the year.

Bouquet Sachets

The Final Flavor

Available in loose leaf and sachets, Bouquet captures the sweet essence of spring. The fruit-forward aromas of hyssop and rooibos combine with the refreshing scent of spearmint and lemon myrtle – a true bouquet for the senses. All coalesce to produce a fresh, light and herbaceous flavor with soothing notes of citrus.

Brewing Bouquet

On another note, nobody deserves celebration quite like a mother. Give her a call, send her flowers, or better yet sit down and share a cup of Bouquet with her and tell her how much she means to you.


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