Spring is in the air, and Bouquet is back on our shelves

No. 320 Bouquet is a limited edition herbal infusion, released each April since it was first formulated by Steven Smith himself in 2014. Blended to echo the warm breezes and brilliant colors of Spring, Bouquet is a caffeine-free herbal infusion which features fruit-forward notes of rooibos and hyssop, and vibrant undertones of spearmint and lemon myrtle. This striking infusion draws inspiration from small-batch European liqueurs which Steve first discovered in the bucolic countryside of Southern France.


The Inspiration

Mother Nature is waking up from her long winter rest. New growth surrounds us. Tulips and lilacs are blooming. The soothing smell of spring is in the air and it is lovely.No. 320 Bouquet was first blended when Steve set out to create an herbal infusion to coincide with Mother’s Day. This infusion celebrates the tenderness and liveliness of spring, while paying homage to the close relationship Steve had with his mother, fondly known as Babe.

The Ingredients

Uncommon teas and infusions start with outstanding ingredients. Bouquet has elements that are very similar to European liqueurs distilled from herbs and flowers. Steve used his seasoned knowledge of botanicals to create this unique mixture. Every year since Bouquet's original formulation, we have meticulously selected new batches of the highest quality ingredients to blend this Seasonal Release as a way of celebrating spring.



Egyptian Chamomile petals furnish this infusions soft apple-pie nose; fragrant hyssop and European linden flowers lend it a bright and lively character; rooibos gives it a smooth texture and notes of honey; and lemon myrtle and Pacific Northwest spearmint add zesty undertones that linger even after your last sip.


The Final Flavor

Available in both sachets and as loose leaf, No. 320 Bouquet captures the sweet essence of spring. Its ingredients coalesce to produce an exquisite, herbaceous flavor with soothing notes of citrus, apple, and honey – it's a true bouquet for the senses.

No one deserves to be celebrated as much as one's mother. Give her a call, send her flowers, or better yet, sit down and share a cup of Bouquet with her, and tell her how much she means to you.