Celebrate Summer White Wines with Tea

Discover your favorite Smith tea as it relates
to your favorite white wine.

Both tea and wine are steeped in history going back thousands of years and share many parallels including the influence of terroir, cultivation, and processing methods. So it's no surprise that many tea lovers are also fond of wine. Find your perfect pairing below and create your own flight of tea and wine for a unique side-by-side comparison. 


Two very different teas for two very different styles of Sauvignon Blanc. Sencha has a distinct salinity and the minerality of a beautiful Loire Sauvignon Blanc, while Long Jing brings florality and a fresh cut grass flavor profile that more closely mirrors New Zealand’s interpretation of the varietal. Both teas are fresh, spring harvested varieties that bring a certain liveliness to your cup of tea. Both are also exquisite cold, just like their Sauvignon Blanc companions.


If you favor slightly richer whites like Chardonnay, try Bai Mu Dan. This delicate white tea opens with a soft, nutty aroma similar to that of a lightly oaked Chardonnay. The complex flavor is toasty, slightly sweet and creamy, with a silky buttery mouthfeel. It offers a beautiful balance of nuanced toast with the elegant touch of apple and honeysuckle on the finish.


If it’s a full mouthfeel, but soft flavor that you prefer in a wine like Pinot Gris, you might be interested in Yunnan Silver Needle. Hailing from the birthplace of tea, these white buds are some of the finest teas made. They are sweet, floral, and have an intoxicatingly smooth mouthfeel. They do well with multiple infusions and tend to grow on people over time.


Hibiscus Mango Iced Tea

While you’d never guess it based on appearances, Riesling and our Hibiscus Mango iced tea share a lot in common. Both are recognizable by their undeniable acidity and are preferred by a variety of drinkers based on how sweet they are served. Steeped on its own, Hibiscus Mango is tart, bright, and full of flavor. But, like salt to food, a touch of sugar will elevate those flavors – a tactic that Riesling is best known for. So, whether it’s the tang or the sweetness of Riesling that you prefer, Hibiscus Mango has something to bring to the table.