Meet Lemon Black Iced Tea

It started in 2009, when Steven Smith combined the highest quality black teas with rigorously sourced bergamot oil to create an Earl Grey that changed the game. Lord Bergamot was born. Eleven years later, it’s still our bestselling tea, and the perfect example of what Steve did so well: marrying grace and panache to elevate even the most beloved tea flavors. 

This summer, we’re doing it again with Lemon Black Iced Tea

Elevating a coast-to-coast classic, Lemon Black blends full leaf Ceylon, Assam, and Nilgiri black teas with a gentle touch of cold-pressed lemon oil and a tart kiss of Australian lemon myrtle to create an unforgettable summer companion. 

With notes of fresh-squeezed citrus, sugar-cone, and slip’n’slide, Lemon Black is best enjoyed from back porches, hammocks, and beach towels, at barbecues, camp-outs, and cook-offs, with people you love, with windows down, with or without shoes. This thirst-quenching ode to summers past and future is the first of three seasonal iced teas that we’ll be releasing over the coming months.

It's been a long year for many of us, full of isolation, hardship, and loss. Like people all around the world, we here at Smith Teamaker look forward to reuniting with family and friends. As we work toward the brighter days around the corner, we hope you'll join us in raising a glass and celebrating the long-awaited summer of 2021 the way we know best: with exceptional iced tea and extraordinary people. 

By Jeff Miller

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