Pedro Black Tea

Pedro's Blend

Pedro Full Leaf Black Tea is a special limited edition tea created to assist our colleague and friend in his recovery from a severe accident caused by a drunk driver. We started with our signature Lord Bergamot and added cacao nibs, orange peel, cassia chips and star anise. Expect a balanced combination with exciting spice that personifies the qualities that Pedro brings to the Smith Teamaker family.

A Custom Blend for a Dear Friend

On July 15th, one of our production team members, Pedro, was tragically injured after being hit by a car. The accident caused him to sustain a broken leg, severe arm lacerations, broken vertebrae as well as several bruises and scratches. Pedro has been a part of Smith for over three years, along with his wife Adriana who works in our accounting department. Together they have three beautiful daughters, a smart and kind 11-year-old and impressively well-behaved 2-year-old twins. Pedro is an anchor in our production department - his joyful optimism always keeps spirits high and his profound knowledge sets the tone for the highest quality work.

With his injuries, Pedro will not be able to return to work for 8-12 months. After such an impactful situation, there was no question that we would do everything we could to support Pedro, Adriana and their family.

Pedro Ariana Family

Lord Bergamot with a Mayan Twist

In an effort to assist with the emotional and financial burden for our dear friend and colleague, we created this special blend in his honor. Pedro's favorite tea at Smith is Lord Bergamot. Using this as a starting point, we mixed in additional ingredients inspired by his heritage and native cuisine. Cacao nibs for richness and texture, orange peel for a bright citrus character, then cassia and star anise to balance the flavor. These Mayan spice and chocolate tasting notes add a lingering heat that provides a tasting experience you won’t soon forget.

Pedro Tea Sachets

A Pour for Pedro

Pedro Full Leaf Black Tea packs a punch, just like Pedro’s famed karaoke skills. All of the proceeds from this blend will be going directly to Pedro and his family to help cover the cost of their mounting expenses. To contribute to Pedro’s recovery, please consider also donating to his Go Fund Me page. Any amount helps, and we are grateful for the opportunity to come together as a team to support an integral part of the Smith Teamaker family. Thank you for helping us get Pedro back on his feet as soon as possible.

*Update: Limited Edition Pedro Full Leaf Black Tea has sold out. We are so appreciative for your contribution to Pedro's recovery and hope that you enjoyed drinking this special blend. 

Pedro Headshot