Regional Spotlight: The Ali Shan Mountain Range

The Ali Shan (mountain) range is famed for its high elevation oolong teas and scenic beauty. The mountainous terrain of this area has left it largely untouched by development, leaving a wonderland teaming with local plant and wildlife species.
Hidden off county highway 169 in eastern Chiayi County is the tea garden where we now source our Ali Shan. Placed at the entrance to the garden, next to the roadside, is a tribute stone representing the guardian of the forest and mountains – a powerful folk deity within the Ali Shan area and the perfect
protector for our tea.
This amazing tea is made by a third-generation female run tea company, that is now operated by two sisters, Ai Fang and Kuei Fang, who handle all aspects of the business from harvest to production. The growing and processing of their tea is filtered through the lens of Buddhist philosophy, which means treating the plants with the deepest of respect while looking to produce a balanced product that allows the tea’s inherent beauty to shine.

Our Ali Shan is grown in an optimal geological location for tea, just south of the Tropic of Cancer and at high attitude. The tea produced in this area has a rich floral flavor and a long-lasting finish. There are two growing seasons, spring and winter, with each season adding uniqueness to the delicious characteristics of this tea. We hope you enjoy this tea as much as we do.

You can buy our Ali Shan here.