DIGITS Barrel Aged Tea with Scottie Pippen

For over ten years, Smith has been known for top-of-the-line tea and stellar formulations, but it’s our long history of successful and unexpected collaborations that continue to define us. As with most aspects of our business, these unlikely combinations began with our founder, Steven. Throughout his career, Steven’s eye for partnership forged connections with icons around the world and inspired delicious mergers of convention and innovation.

Our newest collaboration is already making waves in the culinary world and beyond, and for good reason—it’s not every day you get to work alongside six-time NBA champion, Olympian, and beverage entrepreneur Scottie Pippen. After seventeen NBA seasons, the former Chicago Bull and Portland Trailblazer is no stranger to the limelight. His most recent claim to fame emerged from an illustrious partnership with Dave Phinney, the Napa Valley wine genius whose recent turn to spirits made him the perfect candidate for fulfilling Pippen’s vision to bring an exceptional bourbon to market.

The result was DIGITS, a distinguished and mature bourbon that was an instant slam dunk. At the Sunset International Spirits Competition, it won a 97-point rating. But bourbon isn’t the only beverage that Pippen gets excited about; he’s also a lifelong tea drinker. Recalling childhood memories of sweet tea and bonding rituals he still enjoys with family and friends, Pippen shared the influence that tea has had on his life and relationships. Now, just in time for holiday libation, we’re proud to bring you a taste of a brand-new relationship: No. 33 DIGITS Bourbon Barrel Aged Tea. Long-time Smith drinkers know that this isn’t our first tea-and-spirit fusion, and that is precisely what drew Pippen to us. “I got a reputation for working with the best,” said Pippen in a recent interview with Food & Wine Magazine, “Smith Teamaker is king in this business as one of the top tea companies in the world.” 

To highlight the smooth and subtle charms of DIGITS, our formulations team turned to tried and true staples, including Ceylon, Assam, and Chinese Keemun teas to reflect the texture and body of a mature bourbon. After a boozy soak and a long storage in charred oak barrels, the tea is then blended with bright, unctuous coconut, single-fold vanilla, and a sensuous hint of cinnamon to emphasize the aromatic warmth of the spirit. It’s a combination that has all of us here at Smith breaking out old jerseys and shooting baskets in the warehouse. 

The perfect tea for these colder days, DIGITS Bourbon Barrel Aged Tea provides all the comfort and joy you need for the season, especially if you share it with family and friends. Try the tea lab’s special DIGITS Julep recipe here, or take it Pippen’s way—steeping up a cup with an extra shot of DIGITS stirred right in. Whether you’re a longtime fan of Pippen’s, a friend of ours, or looking for the perfect gift for the bourbon-drinker in your life, we are proud to present this magnificent tea as the culmination of decades of excellence and passion. 

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