Bai Mu Dan Badam Latte

Bai Mu Dan Hot Latte

Smith Teamaker's twist on a traditional Middle Eastern beverage.  A bright and aromatic latte with complex notes of saffron, cardamom, creamy almonds and our No.88 Bai Mu Dan white tea.  Steamed with milk and topped with rose water.  Slightly sweet, delicious hot or iced.  Perfect for spring.  

We steep Bai Mu Dan white tea and then blend it with our mixture of almonds, sugar, saffron, and cardamom. The saffron yields a gorgeous yellow color that really makes this beverage stand out.


Bai Mu Dan Badam will be available at both of our Tasting Rooms in hot form as well as iced for the month of May and June, 2017. We create special, featured drinks every few months inspired by seasonal local ingredients, tea harvest seasons and the tea-creative mind of Tony Tellin, our Head Teamaker and the folks in the Tea Department. We hope you enjoy.