Matcha Latte Recipe

A finely ground powder of specially grown and processed green tea, our Matcha Green Tea makes especially delicious lattes. A favorite among Smith Teamakers, our Matcha Latte and Iced Matcha Latte Recipes lead to an uncommonly desirable beverage.



  1. Measure 1 teaspoon of Matcha powder and sift into 12oz latte cup.
  2. Add 1oz of 170 degree water to create a concentrate. See Note.
  3. Mix with electric frother or Matcha whisk to remove any clumps.
  4. Add simple syrup to taste.
  5. In a chilled metal pitcher, steam 8-9oz of milk until bottom of pitcher becomes nearly too hot to touch or until thermometer reaches 150 degrees.
  6. Pour steamed milk into Matcha concentrate, create latte art if desired.


  • Using water off the boil, the temperature is too strong and will yield a bitter extraction and take away from the nuances in the green matcha powder. To get a smooth, vegetal and slightly sweet extraction we recommend water at 170 degrees. Your drink will remain warm, however the water temperature is low enough that the matcha will taste its best.