Red Herring Mocktail Recipe

An equally indulgent and refreshing play on a Thai iced tea. Made with Rooibos, simple syrup and sweetened coconut cream, it is perfect for sipping on warm summer days. ⠀


5.9 oz. rooibos concentrate

1 oz. simple syrup, divided  

3.4 oz. coconut cream  

Kaffir lime leaves  


Combine 5.9 oz. rooibos concentrate and ½ oz. simple syrup into an ice filled Collins glass and stir to incorporate. In a shaker tin, combine the other ½ oz. simple syrup and 3.4 oz. of coconut cream. Shake with ice and slowly strain over the rooibos until the cream and rooibos meet evenly at the top. Garnish with kaffir lime leaves. Enjoy.

To make rooibos concentrate:
Bring 8 ounces of spring or freshly drawn filtered water to a boil (212 degrees). Add 3 tbsp. of loose rooibos and steep for five minutes. Discard rooibos and let cool. Bottle, date and refrigerate.