Smith Gives Back with Broadleaf CHHIP Initiative

"A big part of what we're about at Smith is supporting our community at origin. Partnering up with Broadleaf is a way to create a direct impact on the young lives that need it most in tea producing regions." - Ravi Kroesen, VP of Tea

Indian students in classroom

 What is Broadleaf

Broadleaf partners with children, families and schools in the Eastern Himalayas tea to develop innovative, data-driven programs that improve educational outcomes and maximize well-being. They believe access to health knowledge and educational opportunity empowers communities so every individual can thrive.

Indian student standing in front of banner while brushing his teeth.

Broadleaf's Story

When the founders of Broadleaf, Denna and Mike, decided to volunteer at a rural tea plantation in Darjeeling after graduating from college, their lives were forever changed. The nursery classroom at a village primary school was severely underfunded and so Denna become the Head Teacher while Mike made medical rounds with a community-level nurse. After rummaging through some old medical records, he discovered children that should have been in the classroom died before they entered Kindergarten from issues of fever and diarrhea. Denna and Mike decided then and there to develop a health education program that was taught within the classroom. This was the beginning of the Comprehensive Health and Hygiene Improvement Program under Broadleaf Health and Education Alliance.

We’re proud to be supporters of Broadleaf's CHHIP initiative and the impact they’re making in the Darjeeling region of India. Make a difference in these communities by donating at check out or by purchasing our latest iced tea blend, Darjeeling Sunrise. $2 from every purchase of Darjeeling Sunrise will be donated directly to Broadleaf's CHHIP initiative. 

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