Top Five Spring Tea Picks

After a long winter, the ground is finally thawing and flowers are blooming. The sweet essence of spring is upon us. We're ushering in the spring season with a few tea selections chosen by our tea department to help you stock your cabinets for the warmer months ahead.
"I reach for a steeping of Jasmine Pearl and add a dash local wildflower honey. It feels like that sweet moment between spring and summer when everything is growing wild, smelling sweet, and providing sustenance for the world." - Sara Kaufman, Tea Buyer

"On a spring morning or in the afternoon, I like to steep Kemmun for 3 minutes or so. When you shorten the steep time, you get a much softer, more floral cup that’s round and sweet with hints of smoke and caramelized pears." - Donovan Eilert, Formulation Manager

"Naturally high in antioxidants, these delicate, shade-dried leaves from China’s Fujian Province are soft, round, and smells intoxicatingly of fresh flowers." - Sara Kaufman, Tea Buyer

"To me, Ali Shan and other Taiwanese gao shan (high mountain) oolongs embody spring. Our Ali Shan has notes of gardenia, sugarcane and peach, with hints of fresh greens and butter, making it the perfect accompaniment for all kinds of spring dishes or activities." - Ravi Kroesen, Head Teamaker

"Spring harvested green tea from Zhejiang China is carefully picked at high elevation and
feels like it comes straight from the ground after a fresh, crisp rain." - Sara Kaufman, Tea Buyer