Virtual Tea Series: Black Tea


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About 84% of all tea consumed in the US is black tea. In this class, we’ll place our focus on the ever-popular black tea category, covering the process of how black tea is made from farm to cup.

We’ll discuss growing regions, leaf grading, steeping techniques, caffeine content, health benefits, food pairings and more. Learn some new tasting terms which you can practice using while we taste and evaluate a variety of black teas from different origins. We’ll also taste two black tea blends made here at Smith.

This class is perfect for tea novices looking to gain comfort in the world of tea and aficionados that would like to learn more about their favorite teas, all levels are welcome. Sure to sell out, so grab a spot while you can!

Join us on one of the following dates for this delicious experience:

Saturday, March 25th at 11AM PST - Sold out.


Each tea kit contains 14 sachets:

  • 2nd Flush Darjeeling (2 sachets)
  • Ceylon Dimbula (2 sachets)
  • Assam (2 sachets)
  • Keemun (2 sachets)
  • British Brunch (3 sachets)
  • Lord Bergamot (3 sachets)

Q: Do I need to take your Tea 101 class first for this class to make sense?

A: No, it’s not necessary! (Though it might be helpful.) Our Tea 101 offers a broad overview of basic tea knowledge. We’ll make sure to give a little background on topics when necessary.


A Zoom link to join the webinar will be emailed to guests 4 days prior.

Please contact if you have any issues.


What you’ll need at home:

  • 6 tea cups or mugs (8 – 10 oz. ea)
  • Spring or filtered boiling water