A Passion for Food

Smith Variety Pack Photo

Photo courtesy of Kathy YL Chan

Kathy YL Chan nearly had a crisis. Down to her last few packets of tea, she had nearly depleted her 5th Smith variety pack! Lucky for her, The Tea and Honey store in New York has got her covered until she has a chance to visit us here in Portland. Kathy enjoys the No.18 Bramin with sliced ginger and a touch of Chinese brown sugar. Certainly those chilly Manhattan mornings are made a bit easier with a nice heavy cup of black tea brewed with a bit of sweet and spice.

For all of us not living in The Big Apple,  you can order the Smith Variety directly from us here, or by coming down to our brick-and-mortar location. Make sure to visit Kathy’s blog and take a look at all her fabulous pictures, and remind her to stay well stoked up on her tea!

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