Here's to the gift of "what if"

Smith is the "what if" teamaker, made for "what if" people.

To elevate your every moment above the mere so what, we blend craft and creativity with uncompromising good taste. What if wakes us up in the morning and keeps us dreaming all day. Handcrafting tiny batches of exquisite full-leaf teas and botanicals. Nurturing deep-rooted friendships with the tea world's finest suppliers. Working happily in concert with artists who will not settle for less. The timeless gift of what if created Smith in the first place, and it still guides us today. Great answers flow from this one little question.

Raise your cup, raise your sights, and enjoy.

Our Most Uncommon Approach

About our founder

The story behind Steven Smith, teamaker

the origin of a teamaker

The original "what if" moment