Maker‘s Series No. 004


Full Leaf Herbal Infusion

September 1, 2016

Joyously conceived with the shakers at Bull in China, this amazing, lightly caffeinated iced "digesteaf" is complex and bittersweet, expertly mixing cascara and chicory for a full, round, coffee-like body, smoothed by Bourbon vanilla with rose petals and honeybush for floral sweetness. Inspired by dark Italian amaro, it brews up into a deep non-alcoholic liquor that's coolly magnificent over ice. Also delicious in a tea latte or simply knocked back as a shot, named for the perfect new baby Astoria Finnliegh Plant. Cin Cin! Read the full story.

Maker’s Series

The Maker’s Series from Steven Smith Teamaker features a guest maker (chef, mixologist or one of our many talented friends) in a creative mashup with our head teamaker, Tony Tellin. The result is a special, limited-run custom blend, signed and numbered by its creators, that reflects the tastes of our guest through a unique collaboration.

Maker‘s Series No. 003


Full Leaf Herbal Infusion

December 2, 2015

Lit up by chef Gregory Gourdet of Departure Restaurant in Portland, this is a complex fusion of Chinese hibiscus, pineapple infused with lime, Kaffir lime leaves and toasted coconut with the heat of Thai chilies. Sweet, spicy and amazing served hot, or cold. Caffeine Free. No chopsticks needed. Read the full story.

Maker‘s Series No. 002


Full Leaf Black Tea

October 1, 2015

Together with Vitaly Paley, dean of Portland chefs, we raise this unique salute to the classic Russian caravan teas. We begin with Ceylon Dimbula black tea which we house-smoke with hickory wood, then blend with Indian Assam and Darjeeling, smoky Keemun and hibiscus from China, ending up with a full-bodied tea that balances smoke, leather, spice and a malty finish. Great all by itself, it tastes even more wonderful when mixed with our house-made huckleberry jam, in the Georgian custom, around a caravan campfire. Na Zdorovie! Read the full story.

Maker‘s Series No. 001


Full Leaf Oolong Tea

July 1, 2015

This unique culinary creation, crafted in cahoots with Tyler Malek of Salt & Straw, is a rare treat of rich, buttery-tasting cream oolong tea from Taiwan with flakes of house-made candied sugar, Madagascar vanilla, Marcona almonds, white jasmine blossoms from China, and just the right touch of sea salt. Spoon it up. Read the full story.


We’re always open to working with friends with good taste and fresh ideas about widening the world of tea. Here’s our most recent adventure in thinking outside the cup.

Pear Galette

Betty Liu

"This pear galette is one of my favorites to make. I know apples get a lot of attention, especially in New England, but lets give pears a salute as well... If you’ve seen some of my previous recipes, you know I LOVE putting tea in everything. It’s such a wonderful way to add in a subtle flavor that infuses through the entire dessert...

Jasmine Silver Tip

...I considered for awhile which tea I wanted to use, and I sampled a bunch of teas from Smith Teamaker – chai, sencha, oolong… I loved them all, and while I was originally tempted to use the chai, as chai goes so well with autumnal produce, but this jasmine silver tip tea made me pause."