Smith is proud to produce each and every sachet ourselves in our small tea lab in Southeast Portland, OR. By managing the production from start to finish, we can control each step, from blending to packaging, to make the very best tea possible as well as offer the some of the freshest tea you have ever tasted.

What happens in the Production Facility?

Our roomy sachet is designed for optimal flavor as well as showcasing the beauty of each of our blends and single origin varietals. Tea leaves need room to expand during extraction and most others do not provide this space for optimal brewing.

Here you can see the sachet material being wrapped around each dose of tea leaves as the sachet is formed using ultrasonic waves, no glue, no staples. This also ensures that the tea leaves are delicately handled during the process. The sachets are then taken through the overwrap machines to protect the flavors we are so proud to produce. Many teabag lines run upwards to 2000 bags per minute - our tiny batch and slow production doesn't compare, however we think you will appreciate our patience after you experience your first cup of Smith.

smith teamaker teas

What does Handcrafted mean to Smith Teamaker?

"Handcrafted for Smith means producing products from start to finish ourselves, with our own two hands. From folding cartons to sifting chamomile to blending and packing in tiny batches to preserve the delicate leaves and flowers to brewing teas on tap or whisking matcha. Every product is produced in house at our facilities in Portland, Oregon and is made with only the best tea leaves and botanicals available, sourced at their peak times from gardens and farms throughout the world. We take great pride in producing every cup of Smith tea and sharing them with you" - Tony Tellin, our Head Teamaker