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Rum Pot

Rum Pot

Tea Steeped in German Tradition

How do you preserve the flavors of an Oregon summer to enjoy all year long? That is the question our teamakers asked themselves when they began brainstorming for the fall season. Their top-notch sleuthing skills led them to uncovering an old-world German preservation method called rumtopf, which literally means rum pot.

Our teamakers took this idea and ran with it. They spent the early summer days picking and sourcing pounds upon pounds of blackberries, blueberries, raspberries and cranberries from nearby Portland farms. From there, they poured the berries into a large ceramic vat filled with rum and let the fruit macerate for 3 months in our SE Portland Tea Lab. Once the fruit had sufficiently soaked in that delicious rum, our teamakers strained out the berries and dehydrated them. These berries are now the base of our brand-new Rum Pot Tea.

 Team Berry picking

Rum Pot is comprised of Colombian Black Tea grown atop the West Andes mountains in rich, volcanic soil. It has a wiry black appearance and is subtly sweet, lightly astringent and expresses balanced aromas of coca and dried fruit. Colombia is not widely known as a tea growing region, but this new origin is bringing some very interesting teas to the table, such as Bitaco (Colombian Black Tea). The uniqueness of this blend pairs beautifully with the warmth of licorice root, the tart juiciness of hibiscus flower and the spice of star anise, crafting a tea that is medium bodied with a dark cranberry-like liquor color.