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Enfleurage Trio

Three tins of Woodblock chocolate, each scented with a different Smith Teamaker tea offering. Includes Enfleurage No. 1 featuring single origin Ecuadorian Balau chocolates scented with Masala Chai, Enfleurage No. 2 featuring single origin Peruvian chocolates scented with Big Hibiscus, and Enfleurage No. 3 featuring a blend of Ecuadorian-Peruvian chocolate scented with Peppermint Leaves from the Pacific Northwest.

What is Enfleurage? A scenting processes that uses solid fats (in this case chocolate) to capture the fragrance exuded by flowers, spices and other botanicals. This technique originated in 18th century Southern France by perfumers who were finding new ways to capture the delicate scents of flowers. Today, we use this technique to scent chocolates by resting them in our favorite aromatic tea blends and herbal infusions.
No. 1 - Dark chocolate (cacao nibs, can sugar) and Masala Chai (black tea, ginger, cassia, clove, black peppercorns, cardamom, cloves and natural spice oil).
No. 2 - Dark chocolate (cacao nibs, cane sugar) and Big Hibiscus (hibiscus flowers, sarsaparilla root, ginger root, rose petals, natural flavors, elderflowers and lemon myrtle).
No. 3 - Dark chocolate (cacao nibs, cane sugar), and peppermint leaves grown in the Pacific Northwest.
Enfleurage Trio
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