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Jing Mai Sheng Raw Pu-erh

About This Tea
Handpicked in the legendary tea forests of Yunnan, China, this promising raw sheng pu-erh is light in the cup and slightly fruity with notes of grain and malt. Naturally fermented and formed into bing cha cakes that symbolize the full moon, we expect this pu-erh to age exceedingly well and acquire a deep, well-rounded complexity that only becomes more nuanced over time.
Full leaf fermented tea from the Yunnan province of China, pressed into a cake.
Bring filtered water to approximately 195 degrees F. Dislodge a piece of pu-erh the size of a silver dollar. Steep in traditional gaiwan method—making multiple infusions, each steeping for 30-45 seconds. To explore alternative brewing methods, visit our pu-erh brew guide.

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