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Jing Mai Shou Ripe Pu-erh

About This Tea
Handpicked in the ancient tea forests of Yunnan, China, this enticing ripe shou pu-erh has gone through a stimulated fermentation process before being pressed into its cake form. Dark, full-bodied and earthy, it has a sweet, lingering finish that makes it a pleasure to drink today. While you may rest assured that it will mellow over time, you need not to age this pu-erh until the next Year of the Rooster to realize greatest enjoyment.
Full leaf fermented tea from the Yunnan province of China, pressed into a cake.
Bring filtered water to approximately 195 degrees F. Dislodge a piece of pu-erh the size of a silver dollar. Steep in traditional gaiwan method—making multiple infusions, each steeping for 30-45 seconds. To explore alternative brewing methods, visit our pu-erh brew guide.

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