Celebrating the Birthplace of Tea

Origin Express Variety Pack

Tea was discovered in China some 5,000 years ago, and it has been an important pillar of Chinese culture ever since. With Chinese New Year on February 16th, we invite you to learn about Chinese tea varietals and explore our Chinese tea collection, including two new variety sets featuring teas from China's most fruitful growing regions. The Spring Harvest Trio showcases three loose leaf packs of prized green teas harvested at peak freshness in spring, while the Origin Express set (pictured) highlights the diversity in Chinese teas by bundling a black, oolong and green tea. Shop Chinese Teas

Lover's Leap Tea and Gifts

Our limited edition Valentine’s Day blend shares its name with the most famous tea garden in the Sri Lankan district of Nuwara Eliya, the Lover’s Leap Estate. Our blend includes four different black tea varietals, giving the mixture a dynamic complexity of flavor. Pink rose and chamomile petals build on the natural floral character of Nuwara Eliya tea, and subtle citrus flavor is provided by Italian bergamot oil, adding brightness and creating enticing aromas. Shop Lover's Leap

Seasonal Selections

No. 23 Kandy

Late January through mid-Feburary is the optimal harvest period for Ceylon Dimbula, the cornerstone of many of our black tea blends. Grown in Sri Lanka, Dimbulas have a reddish amber cup color, with a medium to full body, slightly fruity flavor and mineral notes. Sourcing the finest tea leaves at peak freshness like this is exactly what allows us to deliver uncommonly good taste in every cup. Find Dimbulas in our Kandy (pictured), Lord Bergamot and Brahmin blends, or all on its own. Shop Dimbulas

Limited Edition Barrel Scented Teas

Jing Mai Noir & Yin Hao Chardonnay

Scenting tea is a tradition that began in China centuries ago, most recognizable in green teas infused with the scent of jasmine. Because tea leaves are hygroscopic, they absorb moisture from the air around them and pick up any flavors in their proximity. Although not ideal for storing teas alongside the spices in your kitchen cabinet, the scenting process, or “artful cross contamination" as our Head Teamaker likes to refer to it, can produce unique new blends and original concoctions that you wouldn’t be able to find in nature. Try one of these for yourself with one of our two limited edition barrel scented teas, Jing Mai Noir and Yin Hao Chardonnay. Shop Barrel Teas

Portland Blends

Portland Blends

Portland Breakfast

Black Tea

This February marks the 159th anniversary of Oregon becoming a state. Celebrate the birthplace of Smith with our Portland-inspired blends. Learn More

Now Packing

Now Packing
Blend No.67


Herbal Infusions

Golden Egyptian chamomile flowers and mildly stimulating, fragrant hyssop joined with... Learn more