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A flavor somewhat superior to traditional Earl Grey. Fragrant Ceylon Dimbulla and Uva are artfully combined with select teas from India’s Assam valley, then scented with the flavor of bergamot from the realm of Reggio Calabria, Italy.

Ceylon Dimbulla, Uva and Indian Assam full leaf teas and natural bergamot flavor.

For best flavor, bring freshly drawn filtered water to a boil. Steep five minutes. If possible, play a little opera softly in the background.




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  1. Celestial Review by Lekshe

    I have never tasted a Bergamot tea I liked until--this one. Steven Smith got it exactly right. It was pure pleasure from the first smell to the last drop. Next time I will wear more lace, more silk and bring a longer book.

  2. Absolutely Delicious! Review by Pualanastyle

    It really is the best Early Grey I've ever had. So delicious I couldn't believe it. The fragrant citrus notes make it super special, and like the description you do feel like royalty. I snagged it last minute at the airport in Portland, and now I will be regularly ordering it online. OMG amazing.

  3. Best Early Gray Review by Teri-Lou

    Like everyone, many teas tried over the years. Received this as a gift and it was the best Early Gray I have ever had. Tip my hat to Smith teas.

  4. This is the one that turned me into a tea drinker! Review by Chiara

    Had this tea in Laguna Beach a couple of years ago. Since then I have been hooked on tea. Best tasting smooth tea I have ever had. Smith is the best and the freshest tea ever. They have spoiled me!

  5. Lord of all Lords! Review by Alexander

    This is by far the BEST black tea I've ever had, hands down! I was introduced to this tea and a few others by an employee at Smith Tea. I thought all hope was lost for anything but loose leaf tea, and that bags just ruined everything. Thanks to the team at Smith Tea, I have learned that there is still good quality bagged tea out there!
    And I'm even more productive at work thanks to this tea. :)

  6. Best I've Tried Review by Andrew

    I've been a big fan of Earl Grey since I was a child, and this is the best Earl Grey blend I've tried. Steven Smith seems to use a bit more bergamot than other companies, and the black teas have a full flavor, so there's nothing weak about the taste compared to some. It smells delicious, too, and the tea's red liquor is lovely.

  7. Deep cup of black with juicy bergamot Review by Peter Dysart

    Really good Earl Grey is a proper balancing act and Lord Bergamot receives the highest marks. The black tea supports the bergamot oil like a malt backbone supports the hops in a good IPA. In this case, the bergamot is very juicy, adding to a pleasant acidity and tangy bite. Just as with fresh ales, the States are giving the old Brits a run for their money with fantastic teas like this one. #55 is a solid 10. Ace.

  8. What Earl Grey is meant to taste like Review by leslie

    I never thought I would find a tea I like more than Twining's Lady Grey, but Lord Bergamot is without question the best bergamot-flavored black tea I've ever had. Thank you, Steven Smith, Teamaker.

  9. The Finest Earl Grey Tea Review by Eddy

    I am a big fan of Earl Grey tea. I've tried different brands from Twinnings to Harney & Sons. I discovered this Smith brand at my local Kings grocery store and have been buying from them. However, the store would run out & I'd be waiting "impatiently" for the next shipment to arrive. Now I'm ordering instead.

    I LOVE this blend. I love the aroma, the smooth taste, and the packaging. I've shared this tea with my coworkers and they really love it.

  10. new favorite tea Review by VAV

    I recently discovered Smith Tea from Williams-Sonoma. This winter season, they started carrying a few of the varieties. I was immediately intrigued by Lord Bergamot. Since then, we've been brewing it daily. It has a beautiful citrus flavor. I can't wait to try the other varieties. Thank you, Smith Tea.

  11. Awsome tea Review by Foghorn

    This tea is a dark tea with a bit of citrus taste. The tea is fine balance between a dark rustic tea and a mellow after dinner tea. The citrus in the tea will permiate thru your sinuses and provide you with a refreshing loosing of your sinus passages. I added honey to mine and it was awsome.

  12. # 55 tea blend is excellent! Review by JMJ

    This is the best Earl Gray tea flavor I have ever tasted.

  13. Excellent Tea! Review by alyons

    Growing up all the women in my family have bonded over daily hot tea time while I was more interested in iced tea. One day a coworker of mine made me a cup of lord bergamot tea with steamed milk and I am now converted! I bought all the tea in this flavor that I could find at the store and drink it everyday. Thanks for the amazing tea!

  14. Best of the Bergamots Review by Linda

    I really like this tea and I am fussy about what I drink. This tea has a wonderful aroma and flavor that doesn't go away or fade on the shelf.

  15. Awesomeness in a Cup Review by ContraryAshley

    I was given this blend as a gift for my birthday and I was pleasantly surprised by how smooth it was. Sometimes the earl grey teas can get a little bitter if you brew them too long (or if you like them strongly brewed as I do) - this blend was incredibly smooth all the way through.

    It was great and I will definitely be ordering more!


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