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How to Brew Pineapple Green

May 07, 2024

How to brew our paradise in a glass, brought to you by Smith Teamaker. Ride a wave of full-leaf green tea, pineapple and vanilla all season long.

Brewing Pineapple Green

  1. Bring spring or freshly drawn filtered water to about 185℉.
  2. Pour 2 cups of water into your steeping vessel first, then add the tea sachet. This method is called bringing tea to water (as opposed to bringing water to tea for black teas and herbal infusions).
  3. Allow the tea to steep for 3 minutes. 
  4. After 3 minutes, remove and discard the tea. Top up to one quart with cool water to lower the temperature.
  5. When ready to serve, pour over ice and enjoy.