Brew Guides

We know millions of words have been written about how, exactly, to brew the perfect cup of tea. So, if you do desire to make things more complicated, we suggest you follow steep guides below while doing hard math problems in your head. For the truly advanced, steep your tea while doing hard math problems in your head while riding a unicycle around your kitchen.

Matcha can seem intimidating to make at home, but what you may not know is that you can actually prepare Matcha in less time than it takes to steep any regular cup of green tea. 
Often simple, with a few accoutrements, a Gaiwan Set provides the least barrier between tea and human. The simplicity of the gaiwan is complemented by the skill and knowledge gained with such a personal experience with the tea of your choice.
Cold steeping your tea can be a way to highlight certain aspects of a tea that you enjoy. In general, using cold water will play up the sweetness and minimize any bitterness.
Of all the types of tea you can find in the world, Pu-erh is among the most mysterious. While other types of tea are categorized by their level of oxidation, Pu-erh represents a category of fully-oxidized tea, fermented and ripened by time.
Our current collection of herbs and botanicals are all deeply flavorful and sourced in their prime from friends around the world. These herbal infusions are naturally caffeine-free, perfect for enjoyment any time - day or night.
Below are our step-by-step instructions on how to brew black tea so that you can enjoy a fresh cup just as any Smith Teamaker would. Once you finish, you can browse our black tea selection to find the blend or varietal that will fill your next cup.
Read to find our guide on how to brew green tea, then head over to our green tea collection to choose which green tea you'd like to steep first.
How to brew iced tea, brought to you by Smith Teamaker, so every ice cold glass is steeped to perfection.