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Southeast Tasting Room

Relax in one of our cozy tasting rooms in Portland, Oregon and share a freshly-steeped pot of the tea, or try a stimulating flight of four fragrant and delicious selections. You can also savor a decadent handcrafted tea latte or grab a glass of one of our new, always rotating, draft teas. In each cup you’ll see why Smith is the most uncommon name in tea. We are open every day from 10am to 6pm.

Featured Beverage For Fall:

Darjeeling Root Beer Latte

Darjeeling Root Beer Latte

Introducing a new featured beverage to transition from the warmer months of summer to the colder days ahead. Enjoyable both iced or hot, stop by our Tasting Rooms to try a DJ Root Beer Latte made with No. 47 Bungalow - our blend of 1st and 2nd flush Darjeeling black teas. Inspired by an old-world root beer recipe but adapted for modern times, our mixture of currants, birch bark, sarsaparilla and wintergreen makes this drink rich and complex yet bright and cool. Lightly sweetened with molasses and cane sugar, expect the taste of a root beer float that melted: semi-sweet, dark and full and with a bright wintergreen finish. Available through October or until the record stops spinning.

Arbequina Oolong

Arbequina Oolong n. 190

Limited Edition

Oolong Tea

Arbequina Oolong is a limited edition tea crafted with chef Tom Douglas for Feast Portland to support a wonderful charity.

Now Packing

Now Packing
Blend No.47


Black Tea

Grown in the foothills of the Himalayas, this blend of first and second flush... Learn more