National Hot Tea Month

If you have not already heard, January is National Hot Tea Month, and January 12th is National Hot Tea Day. Our eyes may roll in response to some of the renegade "holidays" these days, but since tea is delicious, healthy, stores well and offers practically endless variety, we're not so hesitant to mark our calendars this time. Not only is tea the most consumed beverage in the world, it's also our love and craft. We'll drink to that. Shop Most Popular Teas

Limited Edition Barrel Scented Teas

Jing Mai Noir & Yin Hao Chardonnay

It has become a Smith Teamaker tradition to develop new barrel blends every holiday season, and this year’s limited edition teas were scented in wine barrels generously donated by our friends at Adelsheim Vineyard. Jing Mai Noir is a black tea varietal out of Yunnan, China scented in a Pinot noir barrel, and Yin Hao Chardonnay, a bright and colorful green tea blend scented in a Chardonnay barrel. Read the story behind these teas here. Shop Barrel Teas

How to Brew Green Tea

Mao Feng Shui

Refreshing and clean, green teas are characterized by the fact that their leaves are unoxidized. In China, leaves are traditionally pan-fired to stop oxidation, creating a toasty and nutty flavor, like our Mao Feng Shui (pictured). Alternatively, Japanese leaves tend to be steamed in order to prevent oxidation, which lends a more vegetal experience, like a Sencha. Read our new brew guide to learn the best way to steep these timeless teas, or browse all of our green teas here. Start Steeping

From Our Door to Yours

How Smith Tea is Shipped

Every box of Smith tea is packed with care, from the time that it is blended to the time that it arrives at your door. Here's a look into how we package your orders, and what goes into making every shipment uniquely yours. We meticulously place each carton of tea inside your box so they are lovingly nestled together, wrapped in tissue paper as they make their way to your home and finished with an extra sample of whatever tea we’re producing that day. Shop Now

Limited Edition

Limited Edition

Silent Night

Herbal Infusion

A caffeine free candy cane in a cup, the perfect way to embrace the holiday spirit even after December 25th Learn More

Now Packing

Now Packing
Blend No.45

Peppermint Leaves

Herbal Infusions

It's no secret that the world's best peppermint comes from the Pacific Northwest. Gently hand-screened... Learn more