Pineapple Green Iced Tea


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    Plant Based Sachet
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    Gluten Free

Riding a perfect wave of full-bodied Chinese green tea, this fresh taste of paradise lands with a splash of pineapple, peach and vanilla. Votes other tropical teas right off the island.

Click here for a cocktail recipe that is as easy to make as it is to drink. Unwind with a Pineapple Green Caipirinha in hand.

Nutritional Information

Ingredients: Full leaf green tea from China, pineapple, peach and vanilla natural flavor.

Tasting Notes:Pineapple, mango, vanilla

Bring spring or freshly drawn filtered water to 185°F and pour 2 cups over sachet. Steep 3 minutes, discard sachet and top off to one quart with filtered water. Stir briskly and serve over ice.


Mao Feng

Chinese Green Tea

Grown in the mountains of central Zhejiang Province, China, at altitudes above 3000 feet, Mao Feng is harvested in the spring and quickly hot air fired. This neutralizes the oxidizing enzyme and seals in the fresh flavors and aromas. The long, slender jade leaves of Mao Feng brew to a color of pale green and impart a pleasing vegetative fragrance with buttery notes and lingering sweetness.

Chunmee Green tea sample


Chinese Green Tea

Chunmee is a popular pan-fired Chinese green tea that translates in English to “precious eyebrows” due to the shape of the finished tea leaves. Our Chunmee brews up darker in color than many green teas and has a robust flavor similar to dry plum with a toasty clean finish.