Featured Steepings

Get the 411 on the latest and greatest from our teamakers and discover more about our uncommonly delicious teas, trips to origin and more. This is tea time.

Two teas we look forward to seeing this time every year is First Flush Darjeeling from India and Mao Feng green tea from China. With a range of unique characteristics between them, both bring the freshness of the season we await all year long. 
Our seasonal iced tea release, Blackberry Jasmine introduces the flavors of sweet blackberry and dried orange peel to timeless jasmine silver tip.
Whatever your holiday celebrations look like, we know you’ll want a hot cup of comfort and joy to go with them. Here are some of our favorite ways you can bring tea into your traditions to curate moments of connection and create sweet, lasting memories. 
For most of us today, making a cup of tea is as easy as heating a kettle or fetching a sachet from the cupboard. But to make a cup of tea, especially a tea like our beloved Jasmine Silver Tip, requires time, energy and expertise.
Springtime at Smith Teamaker has an energy like no other. While holiday releases and iced tea summers come with their own waves of excitement, spring marks the beginning of a new tea year, full of hope and possibility. 
“Empowerment means the ability to reach for one’s goals, and to provide space for others, making it easier for them to do the same. Our mission at Girls Inc. is to inspire girls and all youth to be strong, smart and bold..."
"This blend supports women’s function in the same way that we support one another as friends, family, and colleagues—by nurturing and developing the already wonderful qualities of the woman enjoying it.”
The great Gertrude Stein said that "a rose is a rose is a rose," and while we hesitate to argue, we doubt she was tasting them side by side like we do. As a tea company born and raised in the City of Roses, it's no surprise that we’ve woven this beloved botanical into some of our most iconic tea blends.
Origin is more than a geographical location, estate, garden, terroir, or cultivar... At Smith, we understand that our passion for tea comes with the responsibility to celebrate, support, and sustain the people who make origin possible.
This wholesome and cleansing herbal infusion is packed with antioxidants and introduces some brand new ingredients to the Smith Tea repertoire, including toasted dandelion root, skullcap, and Krishna Tulsi.
Rich Northwest peppermint, tart elderberry, and a dash of nutmeg will evoke pleasant memories of “bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens.”
In the spirit of transparency, a core value here at Smith, we have deconstructed the ingredients in Golden Light below, sharing how each individual organic ingredient contributes to the final infusion.