For many of us, the winter holidays are synonymous with a hot beverage: rich, sweet hot cocoa after sledding with your friends; the aromatic punch of a hot toddy in the ski lodge; or sitting under twinkling tree lights, cold hands wrapped around a cup of spiced tea. Our cherished memories are often crystalized in tastes and smells. Year after year, we access these memories by pulling out old decorations, preparing festive foods, and of course, by sharing drinks. 

Whatever your holiday celebrations look like, we know you’ll want a hot cup of comfort and joy to go with them. Here are some of our favorite ways you can bring tea into your traditions to curate moments of connection and create sweet, lasting memories.

Stemmed wine glass filled with iced Merry Maker's Punch with cranberries and an orange garnish in a holiday scene.

Merry Maker's Punch

More than any tea we’ve made, this bright, juicy tea was made for hosting. With a complex blend of hibiscus and rose, ginger, clove, cardamom and cinnamon, this tea is show-stopping all on its own. It also makes an idyllic base for mulled ciders (just mix 1 part brewed tea with 1 part cider, to start), and can be remixed into syrups, spritzes, and dozens of delectable cocktails and mocktails. 

We know one cup won’t be enough—and that’s why we packaged this tea in 1-qt sachets for effortless batch brewing. Head to our blog now for a whole catalog of craft beverages inspired by Merry Maker’s Punch, here to spice up your home for the holidays.

Three hands each holding a small gaiwan cup filled with tea touching to signal a cheers.

Gaiwan Togetherness

Amidst the hustle and bustle of the holidays, carving out a moment of stillness can be challenging. A Gaiwan tea set is one of the best ways we know to curate meaningful moments of connection. This small vessel creates an intimate focal point around which you and your loved ones can gather. The small servings and repetitive steepings leave plenty of space to converse, reminisce, and revel in rare togetherness, while anticipating the next round of delicious tea. We know that a moment of true presence is the best present you can give or receive. 

For first-time Gaiwan users, we recommend trying out our decadent Golden Oolong, while lifelong tea lovers will appreciate the hidden layers of flavor in our Keemun Hao Ya or Pu-erh teas.

Hands unwrapping a pu-erh cake to show detail of the wrapping around the pu-erh.

Pu-erh: The Gift that Keeps Giving

Pu-erh teas are highly celebrated among veteran tea drinkers, but experiencing this unique style is a delight at any age or level of expertise. Traditionally gifted to mark significant life events, such as a birth or marriage, these pressed tea cakes can be stored for years, and like fine wines, will take on new characteristics and qualities as they age. Taste it fresh out of the box, store it, and pull it out again next holiday season to see how you and the tea have changed.

Right now, we have a rare Hekai Sheng(Raw) Pu-erh in stock, harvested in spring 2023, with an effervescent, slightly sweet flavor that will mellow and deepen with age. Or, for an earthy, robust tea with a hint of funk, try our Cangyuan 7801 Shou (Ripe) Pu-erh, harvested in spring 2022. 

Hand pouring tea into three gaiwan cups beside a gaiwan tray.

Tea is a special drink. It connects us to the past through rich tradition, and with aged teas like Pu-erh, it can even tether us to future celebrations. Many of us associate certain teas with loved ones, past or present, and revisit our memories of them as often as we brew a cup. Morning, noon, or night, there is a tea for everyone and for every occasion, whether you’re hosting the party, enjoying a late night card game with your siblings, or spending a quiet evening in with your favorite holiday movie. We hope you find a tea that tastes like new favorite memories and makes your days even more merry and bright.

Happy holidays from all of us here at Smith Teamaker. May your cups overflow with love (and tea) this season.