Tea fields in Shizouka Prefecture

What We Believe

Taste, always.

Smith is proud to be the most uncommon name in tea. We’re dedicated, above all, to uncompromising good taste. This is what wakes us up in the morning and keeps us dreaming all day.

Inspiration is everywhere.

Every cup of Smith begins with the gift of what if. It’s that feeling you have as a kid, when the world’s full of happy surprises. Trying fresh culinary ideas, trading notes with friends, pushing yourself through creative mashups with like-minded makers and mixologists, letting the lightning strike.

Delight in the details.

The little joys in teamaking are what make it all worthwhile. Knowing, for example, that Fez is best enjoyed while lounging on pillows with friends. That Meadow takes its blend number from the ’67 Camaro. And that tea leaves don’t tell the future—people with tea leaves do.

Care for each other and the Earth.

Walk into our tasting room and you’ll feel the real affection we honestly have for each other. The same warm feeling extends to our transparent care for the world as a whole.

Be inspired—not restrained—by tradition.

The greatest tradition in tea is the spirit of invention. We honor the masters of the past by following their example: exploring and pushing new boundaries with delight and imagination.

Make people smile.

Of course, we take tea very seriously. But ourselves? Hey, not so much. Along with the smile that a good cup of Smith will naturally bring to your face, we like to serve up something a little, you know, unexpected on the side. Wink, wink.