Say Hello to Blackberry Jasmine

Blackberry Jasmine Iced Tea

Before I’d even taken my first sip of Blackberry Jasmine, I was already transported. The vibrant, sapphire blue of the cup was everything I would’ve loved as a kid. Then the aroma hit me, and suddenly I was eleven years old again, walking through the doors of a gift shop in Glacier National Park, where a tidal wave of huckleberry taffy and ice cream washed out into the crisp mountain air.  

From the color to the smell, to the floral, fruity flavor, Blackberry Jasmine manages to reanimate a sense of childlike wonder using an impressive natural ingredient: the butterfly pea flower. Grown in southeast Asia, these miraculous flowers release the eye-catching lapis lazuli shade without any need for artificial coloring. But blue isn’t the only color in this seasonal blend’s repertoire. 

Simply squeeze a touch of lemon into your cup and watch it transform from neon blue to opalescent violet in a matter of seconds—the perfect magic trick to wow your kids, entertain dinner guests, or spice up your Tuesday night.

Our second seasonal iced tea release, Blackberry Jasmine introduces the flavors of sweet blackberry and dried orange peel to timeless jasmine silver tip. A hint of mango enhances the tea’s tropical essence, while a twist of pineapple lends it the citrusy touch it needs to be sweet, refreshing, and endlessly imaginative. 

With notes of guava, rhubarb, and jawbreaker, we think this tea is a walk down the toy aisle, a magic show, and a mad dash through the sprinklers all at once. It’s the perfect companion to picnics in the park, pastel tea parties, and putting your feet up. 

By Jeff Miller

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