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Smith Black Box

About this product
*We are currently sold out of our Smith Black Box and do not foresee receiving any more inventory in the coming months. Our Black Box refills are still available for purchase if you would like to enjoy the individual sachets that are included in our Black Boxes. Thank you for your patience at this time.

Presenting nine flavors nestled in an ebony-colored tea vessel. Ideal for boardroom or dining room, offering tea to guests, or simply organizing your collection. Giorgio Armani would have one if he knew about it. Comes filled with seven sachets each of nine flavors in white, green, black & herbal: Lord Bergamot,  British Brunch, Masala Chai, Fez, White Petal, Mao Feng Shui, Peppermint Leaves, Meadow and Big Hibiscus. Once you run out, choose the "box refill" option and a new shipment will be sent, brimming with freshly made tea.
Black Box 63 Sachets $75.00
Black Box Refill 63 Sachets $31.99
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