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How to Cold Steep Iced Tea

Aug 07, 2023

Summer is upon us and we've put together a quick guide to cold steep our thirst-quenching collection of iced teas. Cold steeping your tea can be a way to highlight certain aspects of a tea that you enjoy. The cooler and slower method of cold steeping doesn't steep out the tannins the way hot water does. In general, using cold water will play up the sweetness and minimize any bitterness.

How to Cold Steep Iced Tea

The below instructions are a starting place, just like all our suggestions on brewing any of our teas. You may prefer to experiment with steep times.


  1. Using freshly drawn filtered water, steep 1 quart-sized sachet in 2 ¾ cup (660mL) water. Due to the extraction process differing during cold steeping, please note less water is needed than with hot tea brewing.
  2. Simply place in your refrigerator for the below recommended times.
  3. Remove sachet and enjoy.

Steeping times

Stream of iced tea being poured into a glass filled with ice with a orange terazzo background.