Anatomy of a Blend: Dandy Detox

The key to creativity is letting go, according to head teamaker Ravi Kroesen, and allowing what already exists to shine through you. Without the pressure to sustain our will or ego, the things we make have the chance to be what they are—and we get the chance to enjoy them as they are. This creative philosophy is on full display in Ravi’s latest brainchild, and the newest addition to our Organic Wellness Line, No. 60 Dandy Detox. 

This wholesome and cleansing herbal infusion is packed with antioxidants and introduces some brand new ingredients to the Smith Tea repertoire, including toasted dandelion root, skullcap, and Krishna Tulsi.

Krishna Tulsi: Also known as holy basil, Krishna Tulsi is a beloved herb that can be found in Hindu households all across India, the purple leaves of which have been used in traditional medicine for thousands of years. In Dandy Detox, this ingredient adds a purifying aroma and herbaceous flavor that combines masterfully with the star of the show, toasted dandelion root. Because of its nutty, chicory-like quality, Ravi hopes that this unique ingredient will appeal to coffee drinkers and tea lovers alike, and make for a dandelion tea packed with unrivaled flavor.

Of course, there are other detoxifying elements in the mix, including unctuous fennel, a gentle zing of ginger, and a soothing hint of anise. Activated with a touch of back pepper and topped off with a pinch of pink rose petals for a final Smith flair, Dandy Detox is an instant classic and year-round tea-cabinet staple.

Whether you’re out to beat the Sunday Scaries or searching for the perfect tonic to finish out your Dry January, Dandy Detox is a treat for the senses and a healing hug for the body. We recommend using the five minute brew time to take some deep breaths in and out, thank your body for the hard work it does, and remember that everything you need is already with you. 

Want the full Ravi experience? Brew up a cup at Government Camp, put on Brian Eno’s Thursday Afternoon, and enjoy a leisurely cruise down Mt. Hood Highway, watching as the snowy slopes give way to high desert.


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