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Black Teas

Our signature black teas include classic spoon benders like Portland Breakfast, British Brunch and Lord Bergamot. And our single origin teas from places like Assam, Darjeeling, Sri Lanka and Yunnan reflect the full spectrum of black strengths and astringencies with depth and nuance that is unsurpassed.

Green Teas

A collection to please even the most jaded palate. Reach for a cup filled with healthful benefits like L-theanine, an amino acid that's associated with a relaxed yet focused state of mind. From hot to iced and matcha to full leaf, Smith green teas provide an exceptional drinking experience. 

Herbal Infusions

Our current collection of herbs and botanicals are all deeply flavorful. It takes an uncommonly high number of ingredients to concoct our signature blends. These herbal infusions are naturally caffeine-free, perfect for enjoyment any time - day or night.

Iced Teas

Our iced tea collection offers six invigorating blends sure to fit any mood. Formulated using the highest quality ingredients, each flavor is nuanced, easy to steep, sugar-free, and deliciously refreshing. Serve over ice and dress up your glass with fresh citrus and herbs for an added wow factor. 

Oolong & Pu-Erh Teas

There is a wide variety in types of oolongs as any teas that are semi-oxidized are considered oolongs. There are two kinds of pu-erh: ripe and raw. Ripe pu-erhs are force-fermented with moisture and yeast, whereas raw pu-erhs are designed to ferment naturally over time, like wine in a cask.

Reserve & Specialty Teas

A premium collection of rare tea offerings in very small batches. Each tea selected is crafted by teamakers who we believe are operating at the pinnacle of their craft, producing some of the most exciting teas we’ve seen with a superior level of quality.