New Eco Loose Tea Packaging

We are pleased to introduce our brand-new Eco Loose Tea packaging comprised of Post Consumer Recycled materials (PCR), or previously recycled materials, and is recyclable as well. An important initiative for our business, our customers and our planet, we invite you to discover the spoonful of benefits to our new loose tea packaging.

Packaging Benefits

Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR): Implements a reuse for previously recycled plastics that might otherwise go into landfills or streams.

Recyclable Plastic: Recycled plastics can be recycled in either dedicated PE streams (#4) or via in-store collection systems such as Trex operated facilities across the USA.

Fossil Fuel Reduction: The carbon footprint is approximately half that of conventional plastic made from virgin fossil fuels.

Carbon Reduction: It reduces the total greenhouse gas emissions caused by production and delivery.

Non-Toxic Inks: Uses water or biobased inks that do not require petroleum-based solvents.

How to Recycle

Carefully remove or cut out and discard the label. (While some centers may accept the label, this impactful step will help the likelihood of recycling.)

Take the bag to your nearest in-store recycle drop off center that accepts #4 LDPE.

For more information about drop off sites in your area, click here.

Live in Portland? We also provide a drop location at our two Portland Tasting Rooms. Drop off your empty bag and we'll offer you a special discount on your next purchase.