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Jul 20, 2023
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It’s summertime and the iced tea floodgates have opened. Droves of devoted tea drinkers are already descending on our tasting rooms to stock up on summer afternoon faves, but this year we’re surprising them with something new. Inspired by our favorite adult beverages (and beaches everywhere), our Cocktail Series is here to keep you in high spirits all summer long. 

Smith has always harbored an affinity for bartenders and mixologists, whose dedication to craft, quality and creativity inspire our own. Over the last ten years, we’ve reimagined the relationship between tea and booze with special releases like Barrel Aged DIGITS and Barrel Aged Portland Breakfast, which highlighted this unlikely match made in beverage heaven. Now it’s the at-home mixologists, bar-cart connoisseurs and DIY royalty that we hope to satisfy and inspire with a pair of Iced Teas designed for the dabblers. 

Described as the “South Pacific in a glass,” No. 27, Coconut Swizzle a tip of the sun-hat to the infamous Pina Colada. Despite global popularity, the origins of this iconic cocktail are still a matter of debate, as are elements of its preparation, such as whether to serve blended or over ice. We’re cannonballing into the controversy with a tea-ki twist: combining a bright burst of lemongrass, creamy milk oolong, flakes of toasted coconut, pineapple and tulsi, infused with Guatemalan Blanco rum to deliver a scrumptious, non-alcoholic blend that still chases the blues away. 

No. 70, Agave Sunshine, celebrates the unprecedented marriage of Darjeeling tea and Anejo tequila. Much like the Leo / Taurus couple you never saw coming, this unlikely match can’t help but shine, especially supported by a star-studded cast of pineapple, vanilla and mango. We took inspiration from the 70’s classic, the Tequila Sunrise, to create a tea that lives up to its rock’n’roll origins. You Can’t Always Get What You Want, but if it’s a cold glass of satisfaction you want, you absolutely can. 

The intention of these teas was to surprise fans with something that transcends the Iced Tea genre. People in the mixology world are playful and we want to offer teas that inspire play. An underutilized resource in modern mixology, tea has near infinite applications—from Sencha-salt rims to Lord-B infused Gin. Coconut Swizzle and Agave Sunshine were designed to be the perfect bar companions whether they’re steeped, shaken or stirred. 

To show off these teas, we’ve whipped up specialty mocktail and cocktail recipes we hope will inspire your own at-home innovation. In the Tea-ki and Tonic, lime juice and orgeat combine with a quick Coconut Swizzle syrup for hours of easy, headache-free sipping. Or, escape with Coconut Swizzle infused white rum in our definitive Tea Colada. With a concentrate of Agave Sunshine, you can serve sparkling spritzes, or channel your 70’s nostalgia with a splash of Amontillado sherry in the Sherry Sunrise. 

Whether you’re hosting a family barbecue or a quiet cocktail party with friends, showing off your shaker skills or quietly topping off glasses, we know a drink makes a party. So, for the people who make the drinks, we made the Cocktail Series, mouth-watering teas already infused with some of our favorite spirits. We hope you continue to experiment, impress and inspire, wherever the Cocktail Series takes you and beyond.