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The traditional tea of the Japanese tea ceremony. Our matcha is made from tender green leaves known as Tencha harvested in early spring in Katsura, Gifu Prefecture. Brilliant green in color, matcha has a rich, slightly sweet vegetal flavor and aroma.

5 Things You Didn't Know About Matcha

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Spirulina, cashew, malt

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Linda H.
United States
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Best Green Tea in the US

Having lived and worked in China and spent time in Japan, I’m used to great green tea. This Macha reminds me of the finest Japanese tea.

Linda S.
United States United States
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This tea is ridiculously good.

United States United States
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Love my Japanese matcha. Tastes just like it should. Smooth and so flavorful. I blend it with almond milk and honey. I will continue to purchase this. I like the can it comes in as well (keeps everything neat).

Kimi T.
United States United States
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Matcha Love

My daily ritual of preparing and then savoring Matcha is one of the things I do for my body and my spirit. But the Matcha must be good quality. Bright green, fresh scent, and sweet, not bitter. Smith Teamaker Matcha is superb!

Peter M.
United States United States
Mind-and Body Lift

Fabulous! SMITH Matcha is a mind-and-body lift for any time of day.


Japanese matcha green tea.

Blend Numerology

Honoring the Seven Lucky Gods of Japanese myth - so named because they drank lots of Matcha.


For best flavor, bring 6-7 ounces of spring or freshly drawn filtered water to 175 degrees. Add between 1/2 to 1 tsp (approx. 1 g) matcha per cup. Whisk vigorously for at least 30 seconds. Drink while contemplating this floating world. Approximately 30 servings per tin. 

Learn more about making Matcha.

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Japanese Green Tea

To make Matcha, the tea plants are covered for up to three weeks before harvest, allowing only diffused light to reach the leaves. This promotes the development of chlorophyll and increases L-Theanine content, which brightens color, increases flavor and helps counterbalance the energizing effects of the caffeine. After plucking, the leaves are steamed, neutralizing the oxidizing enzyme and preserving their color. They are then put through a rolling and drying process, along with a special step through a machine that removes the viens and stems of each leaf. The tea that results from this process is called Tencha, which is then refrigerated until it is ready to be ground. In the final step, Tencha leaves are placed in small amounts on a granite grinder to make its signature fine powder. Granite is ideal for grinding, as it doesn’t produce much heat, which helps to maintain the rich color of the Matcha and its full flavor in the cup.

Gifu Prefecture

Gifu Prefecture is in the Chubu region, which is centrally located on the island of Honshu in Japan. It is just north of the most famous Matcha producing regions of Uji and Aichi. While not as famous, this area produces Matcha of equal quality, without all the hype. Harvest season is from April through June.