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Portland Breakfast
Portland Breakfast
Portland Breakfast
Portland Breakfast
Portland Breakfast

Portland Breakfast


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Big, strong and assertive, with notes of malt, leather, spice, and a touch of peat. Not quite as astringent as other breakfast teas. Just rich, dark and perfect for a rainy Portland morning.

Tasting Notes:

Malt, leather, peat

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United States United States
I recommend this product
I had to write a second review

To correct my first one, in which I gave 4 stars. I found this blend to be a bit bland. When I got down towards the bottom of the tin I decided to steep extra long. Meaning about 5 minutes extra than my zillions of other black teas. I discovered this extra-long steeping brought out the leathery, peaty nuances that I simply wasn't getting at all with 5 minutes. Now that I figured this out, I can not get enough of this blend! It never becomes bitter, even with the extra steeping. I wasn't going to re-purchase, but now I will. I don't know if the batches just differ and mine was a little weak. My tin was very fresh, not stale. In any case, it's become a 5-star tea to me, and I had to come back and do it justice. I am from the west coast and miss Portland so much. I live on the east coast now. This tea reminds me of many happy times spent in PDX!

thérèse p.
United States United States
I recommend this product
best morning tea!

this is a wonderful morning tea. strong enough to do the job but never bitter or acidic. the balance is lovely & just a hint smokey. (it's also delicious iced)

Shaughn B.
United States United States
I recommend this product
Good But Not Great

I lived in England for many years and the loose tea served in tea pots was extraordinary. This Portland Breakfast I was hoping would bring back that incredible taste. It is very bland and if steeped too long a bit bitter. The initial taste is good but not what I expected. Had to use milk with it which I am trying to stay clear of. I also tried lemon and a bit of honey. Still not what I expected. SOOOOO no issue with the tea as advertised. Not just what I am looking for in a loose leaf tea.

Manjit K.
United States United States

I love trying out different blends. After reading the reviews and consulting with the wonderful staff, I decided to give this a go. I like my tea bold; one that can handle some milk yet deliver a kick in the morning. This doesn't disappoint. I was told this is less astringent that other breakfast blends. This is smooth, at least to my palate!

Christine S.
United States United States
My New Favorite Black Breakfast Tea

I bought this tea to try during our "quarantine" time. It was a welcome treat. I really enjoyed it. I got about 4 cups out of every teabag. The flavor is deep, malty, delicious. So comforting on a cool or cold day.


A blend of second flush Assam, Pu-erh and Keemun black teas.

Blend Numerology

The year the city of Portland, Oregon was incorporated.


For best flavor, bring spring or freshly drawn filtered water to a boil (212 degrees). Steep five minutes. Indulge in a decadent donut.

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  • assam
  • keemun
  • pu-erh


Indian Black Tea

Assam tea is the biggest, brightest, richest and most astringent tea made. It is the backbone to breakfast style teas of nearly all brand and quality although it is also used in many blends for body and top notes. Assam is less floral and has more bread or biscuit-like flavor than other origins, and is often described as malty or coppery.

Assam Region

The Assam region is located in Northeast India, bordering Myanmar and China. At near sea level, this region produces teas that are full flavored, rich, and chewy with distinct characteristics of caramel and malt. The best teas from this region are plucked and processed in June and July, a harvest also known as the 2nd Flush.


Chinese Black Tea

Keemun tea is grown in the mountainous region of Eastern China called Anhui Province. There are many grades of Keemun, with Hao Ya being one of the best. Keemun Hao Ya has a very thin, wiry and tightly twisted leaf that is black with grey hues. This brings a unique, slightly smoky flavor and aroma that reminds us of camping on the Oregon coast. A great self drinking tea, tasty neat or with milk and sugar.

Qimen County

Qimen County is located in western Huang Shan Shi Prefecture in southern Anhui Province of China, and is famous for making one of the world's best black teas—Keemun. The county is still very rural compared to other parts of China, so it's the perfect place to slow down, kick up your feet and drink some fantastic tea. Harvest times are in the Spring and Summer.


Chinese Pu-erh Tea

A highly prized Chinese Pu-erh tea, this full-leaf fermented black tea is aged for 3 years. Grown at around 5,000 ft elevation in Feng Cheng, Yunnan, China, this tea produces a dark liquor with smooth and complex earthy flavor and sweet lingering finish.

Yunnan Province

Yunnan which translates to "South Cloud", is a province jammed into the South Western most part of China. Not only does it share international borders with Myanmar, Laos and Vietnam, but there is a constant cultural exchange in these border regions, which is distinct from the rest of mainland China. Tea was first cultivated in this region thousands of years ago and it still produces some pretty amazing teas.