Empower Mint


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    Plant Based Sachet
    Zero Microplastics
    Gluten Free

The mother of all wellness teas. We built on a powerful female duo of raspberry leaf and nettle to infuse a generous helping of vitamins, minerals and iron. Red clover and damiana add a big immunity boost, while peppermint, cacao, and ginger make it easy to love every day. Created by three great women teamakers, this deeply rewarding elixir delivers strong, balanced support with exquisite taste. 

Read more about the origins of the blend from the three teamakers who created it here.

$1 from every Empower Mint purchase goes directly to Girls Inc. of the Pacific Northwest. We sat down with CEO of Girls Inc. PNW, Cyreena Boston Ashby, to chat about all things empowerment - read more.

Ingredients: Organic raspberry leaf, organic nettle, organic cacao nibs, organic red clover, organic ginger, organic damiana, organic peppermint, organic rose petals, and organic dried stevia leaf.

Tasting Notes:Artichoke, white sage, Fernet-Branca

For best flavor, bring spring or freshly drawn filtered water to a boil. Steep for five minutes and remember what a wonder you are.

Ginger Root

Indian Spice

Ginger, used in many cultures to enliven food and drink, is also known for its healthful qualities. A light stimulant, it can treat cold symptoms and sore throat. Ginger is cultivated most prominently in India, China, Indonesia and West Africa. After the plant flowers and the leaves die off, the roots are dug, washed, peeled and sun dried. Ginger’s spicy-sweet flavor adds spark and complexity to our Big Hibiscus.

Organic Stevia Leaf

Indian Botanical

Stevia leaf is nature's best sweetener. Often confused for it's highly processed sweetener namesake, the leaf itself is more delicate and nuanced in its flavor. Still sweet and full of body, we use it primarily in our holiday blend, Silent Night, where it provides a natural sweetness earning it the title of "Candycane in a Cup." It's produced around the world, but we find it's best when grown in India or China.

Pink Rose Petals

Indian Botanical

Pink rose petals are a favorite ingredient in our pantry. They provide sweetness and spice along with distinct floral qualities and are used to create complexity in a variety of our Signature Blends.

Cacao Nibs

Dominican Botanical

Cacao nibs come from the Theobroma cacao tree and are one of the main raw ingredients used for making chocolate. Whole cacao beans are shelled, fermented and then broken down into chopped bits of cocoa seeds. These nibs then go through an additional roasting step, resulting in a more flavorful and less bitter tasting cacao nib.

Peppermint Leaves

Pacific Northwest Botanical

The world’s most flavorful peppermint comes from the Pacific Northwest, where the summers are hot and dry. Ours is harvested just before it begins to flower, when the oil content is highest. After cutting, the plant is allowed to field dry. Then the stems are removed and the mint is sorted into uniform leaf sizes. With intense menthol and rich chocolate notes, Pacific Northwest peppermint is a real wakeup for your senses.