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Named after one of the most beautiful cities in Sri Lanka, Kandy brings together full and flavory Dimbula with highly aromatic and intense Uva and lightly scented high-grown Nuwara Eliya. A tea made for sipping with pleasure all day.

Ingredients: A blend of Ceylon Dimbula, Uva and Nuwara Eliya full leaf teas.

Tasting Notes:
Malt, carob, honeysuckle

For best flavor, bring spring or freshly drawn filtered water to a boil (212 degrees). Steep five minutes while pausing to reflect on the private joys of your own tea ceremony.

Ceylon Dimbula

Sri Lankan Black Tea

The Dimbula region is directly opposite the Uva region in Sri Lanka. Dimbulas are often called “Westerns” in the tea trade. They have a reddish amber color in the cup, with a medium to full body, slightly fruity flavor and mineral notes. Ceylon Dimbulas are often used in medium bodied blends, Earl Grey formulas and other flavored teas. The best Dimbula teas are produced from December to February.

Ceylon Uva

Sri Lankan Black Tea

Situated 1100 meters above sea level on the island of Sri Lanka, the Uva region produces teas of distinctly different character from their Ceylonese siblings. Uvas are astringent, intensely floral and slightly sharp in flavor with a golden cup color. They add “bite” and freshness to blends.

Ceylon Nuwara Eliya

Sri Lankan Black Tea

A well known, yet somewhat under-appreciated, tea from the area situated between Uva and Dimbula. Grown and processed at elevations above 1500 meters, Nuwara Eliyas have a very light color and body similar to some first flush Darjeelings. While their body and cup color are light, the flavors can be intense and floral, which add brightness and character to blends.