Lover's Leap Teacup Gift Set


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Fall head over heels for our limited edition Lover's Leap black tea with rose petals, chamomile and a kiss of Italian bergamot coupled with our signature Smith teacup and saucer. Trust us when we say it will be love at first sip.

Gift Set Includes: 1 Carton of Lover's Leap Black Tea Blend and 1 Smith Signature Teacup

Lover's Leap Ingredients: Ceylon and Indian black teas, pink rose petals, chamomile petals, bergamot oil and natural black currant flavor.

For best flavor, bring spring or freshly drawn filtered water to a boil (212 degrees). Steep 1 sachet or 1 rounded tsp (2.2 g) loose leaf for five minutes and serve lovingly.

Ceylon Nuwara Eliya

Sri Lankan Black Tea

A well known, yet somewhat under-appreciated, tea from the area situated between Uva and Dimbula. Grown and processed at elevations above 1500 meters, Nuwara Eliyas have a very light color and body similar to some first flush Darjeelings. While their body and cup color are light, the flavors can be intense and floral, which add brightness and character to blends.

Bergamot Oil

Essential Oil

Bergamot is a citrus fruit the color of a lime and the size of a large orange. Picked when ripe, the thick peel is removed and pressed like an olive to extract its essential oils. It has a distinctive flavor and aroma with notes of lavender, lemon and spice.

Chamomile Petals

Egyptian Botanical

These white petals come from our favorite chamomile flowers, much of which are removed during sorting. For the petals that remain attached, we carefully hand-screen these blossoms at our facility. These petals fresh flavor add distinctive character to our White Petal blend.

Pink Rose Petals

Indian Botanical

Pink rose petals are a favorite ingredient in our pantry. They provide sweetness and spice along with distinct floral qualities and are used to create complexity in a variety of our Signature Blends.