Snowfield Oolong


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Seven years from seed to cup, this exquisite, lightly oxidized oolong is grown in Western China using the famous Green Heart cultivar from Taiwan. Notes of lilac, condensed milk and pineapple give you a rare taste of modern Chinese teamaking at its finest.



Tasting Notes:Lilac, condensed milk, pineapple 

For Western brewing, this tea can be brewed for single infusions using 1 rounded tsp (3 grams) of tea per 8 ounces of 190 degree water and steeped for five minutes.


For gaiwan brewing, place 7 grams of tea leaves into 150 ml (5 ounce) gaiwan. Bring spring or freshly drawn filtered water to a boil (212 degrees). Add enough water to cover the leaves and discard water after five seconds, this is to rinse the tea leaves. Fill your gaiwan to the top and let the leaves steep for 10-20 seconds. Set the strainer on top of the decanter and pour the tea out of the gaiwan with the lid slightly askew, without allowing the tea leaves to escape. Serve into small cups and repeat this process at least 4-5 times and notice how the tea leaves change in flavor over each infusion. Learn more about gaiwan service here.

Snowfield Oolong

Full Leaf Semi-Oxidized Oolong Tea

As you steep the ball rolled leaves of this Snowfield oolong, watch them unfurl dramatically to offer a rare taste of modern teamaking at its finest. These are leaves of the famous Taiwanese cultivar Qingxin (Green Heart) which have been grown high in a garden in Yunnan at the western edge of China. They have been picked in a traditional high mountain style that allows for a full growth cycle before plucking, then very lightly oxidized, rolled and dried using authentic Taiwanese equipment. The result is a truly thrilling oolong, proving once again that China's most venerable tea tradition is the endless thirst for new tastes.