Hibiscus Daiquiri

Smith Tea Big Hibiscus Daiquiri

A refreshing balance of sweet and sour, the daiquiri is an iconic summertime cocktail that's simple in execution and complex in flavor. Delicious as is, the daiquiri's classic combination of light rum, sugar and fresh lime juice also provides an exceptional foundation to build from when incorporating tea in cocktails, especially when it's our Hibiscus Mango Iced Tea.



    1. Bring freshly drawn water to a boil and steep 1 Hibiscus Mango Iced Tea sachet in 12 ounces of water for 5 minutes.
    2. Remove sachet and let cool.
    3. Once cool, pour 2 oz of Hibiscus Mango Iced Tea, rum, fresh lime juice and simple syrup into an ice-filled shaker tin and shake for 6-10 seconds.
    4. Double strain into a collins glass with ice.
    5. Top with soda, garnish with a lime wheel and enjoy. 


    1. To bottle these for your next dinner party or summer barbecue, just multiply the recipe by the number of guests.
    2. Wash and sanitize 187 ml bottles. Let dry.
    3. Measure and pour ingredients, except soda, into a large pitcher. Stir to combine.
    4. Using a funnel and fine mesh strainer, carefully fill each bottle half full and then top with soda.
    5. Cap with a bottle capper, refrigerate and enjoy.

    Photo by: Eva Kosmas Flores at Secret Supper

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