Expand your sights and discover new and uncommon ways to enjoy your favorite teas. From classic tea lattes to innovative twists on iconic cocktails, our collection of recipes has something for every tea lover.

To the canon of Tiki beverages, we humbly add the Tea Colada. Crafted with tea-infused white rum featuring Coconut Swizzle Iced Tea for a tea-ki twist. The iconic Piña Colada is the cocktail inspiration for Coconut Swizzle, so it was only right that we pay homage with our take on the classic.
Did you know the Tequila Sunrise rose to fame in the rock & roll era of the 1970s? Here, we offer a less boozy version featuring our latest hit, Agave Sunshine Iced Tea.
A fun and refreshing cocktail recipe with an invigorating Smith twist. Using our lively, palate-pleasing Mediterranean Mint Iced Tea as the backbone to this fresh patio sipper, makes this southern classic even more charming. 
This color-changing concoction is the party trick you didn't know you needed. Blackberry Jasmine ice cubes are the key player,...
This riff on the Old Fashioned uses black tea ice cubes to add layers and complexity with each sip. 
Whether you gravitate towards strong, bitter and stirred or something light and refreshing, these cocktails are sure to inspire creativity and step up your cocktail game.
A refreshing balance of sweet and sour, the daiquiri is an iconic summertime cocktail that's simple in execution and complex in flavor. 
Enjoy our Smith twist on Brazil's national cocktail, Caipirinha. Ride the perfect wave of our Pineapple Green Iced Tea into summer with the refreshing taste of paradise that is sure to delight. This uncommon cocktail is as easy to make as it is to drink. Relax and saúde!
Raise a toast to Hanukkah with this seasonal sour starring Manischewitz—or "Mani" as it is often affectionately known.
We paired white rum with our White Petal Blend, then added a combination of fresh peaches and strawberries for a sangria that captures the sweet essence of summer.