Expand your sights and discover new and uncommon ways to enjoy your favorite teas. From classic tea lattes to innovative twists on iconic cocktails, our collection of recipes has something for every tea lover.

A burnt sugar and miso syrup mingles with steamed milk and our newest release, Autumn Leaves. The result is a plush, velvety latte that will make you fall in love with fall all over again.
An achievement of latte perfection in balancing Darjeeling teas with the sweetness of Jacobsen Co Caramel and a touch of flakey salt. 
Move over pumpkin spice and make room for Black Lavender Fog. Breathe deeply and you'll be whisked away to the enchanting lavender fields of Provence. 
What if wellness tasted wonderful? This silky turmeric tea latte is simple to execute with exceptional results. Lemon zest brings...
Our Meadow Latte has been described as an apple pie in a cup.
One of the most versatile beverages, Red Nectar, featured in a Cederberg Coconut Cappuccino, our version of the Italian breakfast favorite, with a Cederberg twist.
A finely ground powder of specially grown Japanese green tea, our matcha makes especially delicious lattes. A favorite among Smith...
From the coastlines of Chennai to the streets of Calcutta to the tech industry in Mumbai, chai is the national drink of India, equally enjoyed by individuals from all walks of life. 
This English breakfast latte is made with our spoon-bending British Brunch tea blend, lightly sweetened and topped with fresh lemon zest and a dusting of cocoa powder. 
Especially refreshing as as a warm-weather beverage, Iced Matcha Lattes combine cold milk with the finely ground powder of specially grown Japanese green tea.